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  • Improved VOD & Linear Addressable products results in a better consumer experience for Programmers and MVPDs

  • Improved backroom means greater revenue via more impressions to sell for Programmers and MVPDs

  • Quicker go to market with centralized Programmer, MVPD & vendor on-boarding results in greater revenue

  • Efficient operations & single point of contact means less overhead costs for Programmers & MVPDs

  • More ad units results in more places for Programmers & MVPDs to push marketing messages for new products

  • Expected ad loads for all parties results in a predictable market for all parties

  • Reporting results in a trusted market for Programmers & Agencies

  • Ongoing education for Agency community results in efficient use of human resources

  • Training for Programmers results in efficient use of human resources


Integration assembles and maintains a stable, quality VOD DAI national footprint
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Canoe utilizes industry standards including CableLabs® Metadata 1.1, 3.0, SCTE, and IAB VAST, which allows us to quickly integrate multiple systems together for scale with products from:

  • MVPD vendors including: Arris, Cadent, Concurrent, Deluxe, Ericsson, FreeWheel, Imagine, Seachange, Trajectory and Vecima

  • Programmer vendors including: Comcast Technology Services, IBM, Google Ad Manager, FreeWheel MRM, Telestream, Vela, and Vubiquity