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The MSO VOD systems provide performance information related to each VOD session's playout as the subscriber's session terminates. MSOs forward that performance information to Canoe on a regular basis and this aggregated information is used to produce various aspects of the campaign performance reporting Canoe provides to its Programming customers.

Performance information resulting from the placement and viewing of ads on campaign items in VOD sessions are returned to Canoe either immediately upon termination of the subscriber's VOD session or delayed up to 30 minutes - all dependent upon the particular MSO's VOD infrastructure.

1.1 Performance Data Processing
Campaign performance information received from MSO systems is validated for correct data formatting according to an industry agreed upon schema coordinated by CableLabs. For those messages received by Canoe which fail this data validation screening, the message is isolated from the data stream and reported to Canoe's Technical Operations team for further inspection and investigation and resolution with the sourcing MSO. Correction and resubmission of corrupted performance data is typically resolved within 24 hours but may take up to five days.

No further data manipulation occurs on the submitted performance data transmitted to Canoe by the MSOs beyond message schema validation. Performance information is reconciled to defined campaigns within the Canoe stewardship system and campaign goal information is updated according to the business rules for each campaign. Today, each campaign impression count by campaign line item is incremented by the number of impressions defined in the MSO's performance record.

1.2 Delay in Processing
Performance information receipt may be delayed up to five days in certain cases. However, that information is not excluded from the campaign's performance reporting. Data arriving after the five day capture window is excluded from performance reporting.

1.3 Reporting Completeness and Accuracy
Canoe Ventures, LLC ("Canoe") uses commercially reasonable efforts to assure the completeness and accuracy of all data prior to issuance. However, Canoe recognizes the possibility of human and technological error, and such data are not represented to be error-free. Possible non-sampling data errors include incomplete or inaccurate: campaign instructions entered into Campaign Management Systems ("CMS"); and performance results provided from VOD DAI systems. Canoe endeavors to minimize the possibility of data errors through onboarding validation testing of each CMS, working with participating VOD system operators to ensure the accuracy of VOD DAI data being delivered, and inspecting data and reports prior to issuance.

1.4 Reporting Issuance/Reissuance
On a daily basis, Canoe's Ad Operations team reviews Campaign Summary reporting generated for each Programmer's networks activity for the prior day. A general review of each report is done by a team member assigned to each Programmer and detailed spot checks are made against a 10% sampling of all reports issued each day. These reviews include a review of the daily activity, its reasonableness in accordance with historical campaign performance and its variance from normal overall activity trending for the campaign and entertainment assets.

Data received by Canoe which is found to be corrupt or erroneous and which exceeds a 5% threshold of all activity to date for an active campaign item triggers an internal review by the Canoe Technical Operations team who must provide a review and impact statement to Canoe's executive team with five days. A determination will be made during that review period and notice of action will be transmitted to all affected Programming entities. In certain cases, previously published reports will be re-issued and marked as such.

1.5 Reporting Specific Definitions
Canoe Distribution Footprint - Today, Canoe stewards dynamic advertising insertion across the free VOD enabled households of:

  • Comcast

  • Charter (Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse Networks)

  • Cox Communications

View/Impression - defined as the first frame of the ad asset being presented at NPT scale of 1 (normal play mode) in the forward direction. If the Viewer leaves the asset entirely (either rewinding before it starts or by routinely beginning the next asset in the playlist) and returns to the first frame presented at NPT scale of 1 in the forward direction, this would count as an additional impression.

VOD Content Measurements - Only Free Video On Demand session are included in Canoe's stewardship and reporting.

1.6 Data and Reporting Retention
Canoe, under the contractual obligations in place with its MSO distribution partners, retains the underlying campaign performance data for a period of 25 months.