Monitoring alerts to when a Campaign may not play out properly

A main part of Canoe Service Assurance(TM) is Monitoring via eyes-on-glass or scripts. We are constantly monitoring session benchmarks, metadata availability, asset availability, and viewership experience throughout the footprint and can identify when parts of the footprint need intervention to continue successfully inserting ads. Monitoring functions include:


Monitor the flow of sessions information

  • Current activity against historical averages

  • Current activity established minimum activity alarm points

  • For Programmers, defined by Programmer, Network and Provider to enable granular performance evaluation


Monitor the distribution of signaling metadata

  • Ensures .CSV files are properly formatted, consolidated, validated and adjusted

  • Monitors MVPD’s systems to assure that signaling metadata exists for each entertainment asset


Monitor for asset availability

  • Monitor for when necessary ad and entertainment assets are not available at one or more MVPDs


Monitor overall viewership experience

  • Do not place the same ad back to back

  • Do not place the same ad more than once in the same break

  • Do not place the same ad more than X times in a session

  • Do not place a greater ad load than linear TV

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