Designated Market Area.  A geographic area that represents specific television markets.

Cable Operator / MSO / MVPD

Multi-system or multichannel operator (e.g. Comcast, Cox).  Distributor of multiple television networks to the household.


Subscriber of a cable service.  A household can have one or multiple viewing devices and/or persons.


Coordinated series of advertisements with a single idea or theme.  It is typically broadcast through several television networks.  A Canoe Campaign is the instruction set for executing a Canoe Order.  A campaign may contain one or multiple Campaign Line Items.

Ad Impression

One viewing of an advertisement by a single device of the Household.  Measured by the first-frame in Play Mode.


Grouping of ad placements (e.g. Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll)


Group of ads scheduled previous to entertainment content beginning.


Group of ads scheduled within the entertainment content. A VOD session typically has multiple Mid-Roll breaks (e.g. Mid-Roll 1, Mid-Roll 2)


Group of ads scheduled following the end of the entertainment content.