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If you’re looking for a place that values respect, cooperation, integrity, fun, great accomplishments, and family, then Canoe Ventures might be the place for you! What is unique about Canoe is how much we: encourage collaboration and independent decision-making by employees, share information openly and are candid with each other, and encourage great work—your best work—without a lot of constraints. We are looking for people who are: self-motivating, self-disciplined, self-improving, act like leaders, take initiative, thrive on freedom and are worthy of it, and act in the best interest of Canoe.



Canoe is an advertising technology company that provides software and enablement services to national television programming companies like NBCU, Disney, Fox, Discovery, etc.  Canoe was founded in 2008 by the largest multi-system cable operators (MSOs).  Comcast, Charter Communications, and Cox Communications now own the company. The company is focused on delivering dynamically inserted on-demand advertising to cable set-top boxes in close to 40 million households in the US and is expanding its service internationally.  Canoe is the best of both a large company with access to the resources of multi-billion corporations while operating as a small, self-sufficient company capable of quick, valuable contributions to the business of our customers and partners.  Canoe is the linchpin for the future of television advertising.  The company is based in Lakewood, CO with a sales office in New York City



We are seeking students for our intern programs. We have a spring and fall program with part time hours; and a summer 8-10 week program with full time hours. This is a paid internship with the possibility for full-time employment.



The ideal intern will be a junior or a senior majoring in an engineering discipline (computer science, software engineering, mechanical engineering etc.) and have an interest in the advertising industry.  We are looking for people who have been trained to solve problems within their schooling, in order to solve problems in our ecosystem. Familiarity with data extraction using SQL, Bash, and Grafana is helpful.




You make smart decisions despite ambiguity, you identify root causes, you go beyond treating symptoms and creating band-aid solutions, and you are good at using data to assess and provide solutions.



You are concise and articulate in speech and writing, you listen well and seek to understand before reacting, you stay calm in stressful situations in order to draw out the clearest thinking and efficient solutions.



You learn rapidly and eagerly, and you make connections that others might miss.

Ownership: i.e. you accept both the responsibility and the accountability for managing and optimizing the systems use. 



You create new ideas that prove useful, you re-conceptualize issues to discover innovative solutions to difficult problems, you challenge assumptions and status quo, and you suggest better approaches.



You are open-minded in search of the best ideas, you make time to help colleagues, and you share information openly and proactively.



You accomplish amazing work, you demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you, you make your colleagues better, and you focus on results over process.


If you have the skill set, aptitude, and attitude required above, and you want to achieve your best work while having fun, then submit your resume today!

Please send all submissions to